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Frits is a shop with a healthy dose of Belgitude. We support local makers, and are proud to sell an ever growing and changing assortment of Belgian designs in the shop. We believe firmly that buying local products is a win-win situation for both the customer and the maker. 

You, as customer gets an insight in where and how the products are made, often by hand or with pure and natural ingrediënts. By buying them you support a local daredevil who actually started up a small business and isn't scared to row against the stream. 

While most of our makers are located in Belgium, we do occasionally take a peep over the border to introduce designs from the neighboring countries. 



Not a Belgian, but a Dutch graphical artist (we do love our neighbours), who makes hilarious cards. Dirk plays with words and images and creates his own universe of postcards. He presented himself in the shop one day, with a box of his own cards and that was that: From that day on the cards were for sale in Antwerp. Both Dutch and Belgian customers love the quirky jokes and the cute drawings. They are simply irrisistable.



Linus is a very skilled painter, who decorates planters and vases in his own colorful and unique style. Each pattern is designed by himself and every piece is hand painted. He has his atelier in the nearby town of Mortsel, and provides the shop with new designs every now and then. We started working with Linus in 2023 and found that his stand out pieces are becoming increasingly popular, which doesn't really surprise us. 

houtentiek 1.jpg


Steven is a woodworker from Stekene. One of the things he made are the elegant wooden vases you can find in the shop. They are made from old recovered wood from the Antwerp port. Each vase is handmade and unique in size and shape. Steven does a lot more than making these vases, and is always exploring new ideas. It wouldn't surprise us if in the near future we see more and other work from his hand appear in the shop!



Helen Blanchaert is an illustrator based in Ghent who draws everyday life pictures. She created a whole range of products with her naieve black & white drawings who have been popular for years now. We started selling Helen B cups, spoons and bowl at the end of 2023 and we can safely say they have been flying out of the shop. Both popular by locals and tourists because these cute designs are recognizable to so many of us!


House of may

Wendy is an architect who loves pettern design as well. Every year she creates a limited range of 3 designs and has them printed on these cute trays. Each of the trays are made in very limited quantities, and when finished it's finished. This year we have the second series in the shop, with 3 brand new designs. We only have a few of each so don't think twice if you like them!

jarne daem 1_edited.jpg


Jarne is a young illustrator who loves mythical figures and dagons and recently made illustrations for the new book of Marc de Bel. Before he did these illustrations he made his own children's book 'het zijn de kleine dingen', from which we have a few copies for sale at the shop. A very unique debut from an illustration with great potential.

maker - kim timmermans.png

kim timmermans

Kim Timmermans is quite often surrounded by creative people due to her job, but she herself is actually a pretty good illustrator, who is selling several prints at Frits, since she participated in an exhibition, in 2022. Her beautiful illustrations are available in several sizes, between A4 and A3. We love how modest Kim is about her own illustrational skills, but we're happy this is not reflected in her high quality work!



Lion of Leisure is the brand of Matt, who moved from Whales to Antwerp. The illustrations are his and he handprints each of them on the t-shirts we proudly sell in our shop. We have a few designs in stock, both for children and adults. Since they appeared in Frits in 2023 they proved to be a hit, so come, have a look, and fall in love with these fantastic and original designs!

foto 2.jpg


Inge is a ceramist from Brecht, north of Antwerp. She has her beautiful atelier overlooking the trees in her own garden. Since 2024 she is selling coffee cups and jars at Frits, made with Belgian red clay. She uses engobes to add color to the clay, and then finishes them with a transparant glaze. The color palette she creates like this gives the cups a more southern, warm feel. 



Anneke is a very enthousiastic ceramist who loves experimenting with clays and glazes and how they interact with eachother. This way she creates cump, bowls, vases and more, in fantastic colors. We have a selection of her work in the shop since 2022 ranging from beautiful creamy pink bowls to deep blue coffeecups. Anneke gives her own twist on designs, and every piece is unique and handmade!



Britt dove into the world of natural soaps a long time ago, but only recently started up her business. A fantastic decision, because now we can all enjoy her high quality, handmade soaps and shampoo bars. All her products are made with natural ingrediënts, and are a whole lot healthier than what you can buy in the local supermarket. A-part from a large assortment of natural soaps, we also offhave Zoppa shampoo bars, conditioners, dog soap, dish soap, scented candle and more!

Schermafbeelding 2024-03-15 173415.png


Willy is an Antwerp based illustrator who draws very cute images that would be perfect for a children's book. In 2023 he did his own interpretation of the legend of Antwerp, where Brabo the Roman soldier cut of the hand of the giant, and thew it in the river. This beautiful black and white illustration is for sale as an A4 print at Frits.

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