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In 2022 we took the time to invite other creatives to join the little shop. The group of makers who joined is growing and every changing. 

We believe firmly that buying local products is a win-win situation for both the customer and the maker. 

You, as customer gets an insight in where and how the products are made, often by hand or with pure and natural ingrediënts. By buying them you support a local daredevil who actually started up a small business and isn't scared to row against the stream.

We are proud of our makers, and we can see that you are too. At the moment these product are only available in the live shop and not yet online.


a short list of our creatives - more info is coming soon

DIRK DRIBBELSPIER - greeting cards

JARNE DAEM - children's book / illustration

HOUSE OF MAY - patterned trays
HOUTENTIEK - wooden vases

KIM TIMMERMANS - illustration
ZE DRAAIT DOOR - ceramics
ZOPPA - soaps

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