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In the early 1600’s the Turnip Inn was located behind the Antwerp cathedral. Now, 400 years later, you can find a ‘not so average’ shop at the exact same location. Galerie Frits is a quirky mix of artprints, cards and vintage gifts. When you say ‘shop local’: this is it. The card and prints are all designed by local illustrator Gert Paenen. The carefully selected vintage collection provides a colorful and sustainable alternative to mainstream decoration and homeware products made in far-away countries. 
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Tante Colette is a series of local dialect greeting cards Gert started to make during the lockdowns of 2020. We all needed to be cheered up and that is exactly what tante Colette does. It is a joy to hear people read them out loud in front of the shop or to hear them laugh. The collection grows. Every few months new texts and designs are printed, for more and more occasions. You can find all tante Colette cards in the shop (both physical and online).  
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Apart from the illustrations, you can find a collection of vintage, second hand items at Galerie Frits. We believe that there is already a massive amount of stuff in the world. Those items are a big influence in our lives, and are sometimes even used in illustrations or cards. Some items you can find in the shop but because the collection is much bigger than what we can show there, we started the 'Frisky Fish vintage' account on instagram. There you can find new items that are not yet in the shop. Follow us, reserve them, and pick them up at the shop when you want. 
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