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Galerie Frits: the A-typical Antwerp shop on a typical Antwerp location.


The shop offers a vast collection of cards and prints all illustrated and designed by the owner, but much more than that. There is an everchanging, curated selection of mid-century vintage, arts & crafts from other local artists and even a fantastic selection of local drinks (beers, cider, coffeesyrups) and food (chocolates, mustard). 

All this in a tiny cathedralhouse, right in the heart of Antwerp.

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Studio Frits is the playground of Gert, the founder of Galerie Frits. He draws, photographs and designs card and artprints which form the base of the shop. Humor and color are 2 of the main ingrediënts.

A-part from the artprints you can find in the shop, Studio Frits also designed the range 'Tante Colette' cards in local dialect and the 'Turismo' polaroid photocards of Antwerp.

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Discover several local artists at Galerie Frits. You will find ceramics, wood, illustrations, natural soaps and oils, trays, and more throughout the shop. All of them were produced, made, or designed by local creatives

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In our Kabinet Lokal you can find what made Belium famous, only, with a twist. We do not sell the big brands which you can find everywhere. 

In the kabinet you will find local beers and ciders, brewed mostly in small independant breweries. 

Chocolates can't be overlooked in Belgium so we made sure you can find some delicious classics to take home to your friends (or just yourself). We have loccaly made coffee syrup, we even have the best mustard of Belgium, Wostyn mostaard.

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