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Since Corona is without a doubt the most used word in 2020, I thought I might as well use in in the title of my very first post

The pandemic has put Galerie Frits and a lot of other companies in a difficult situation. First we were allowed to open only during weekdays (but of course the city centre was already very quiet). A few days later the government decided it would be better if all non essential shops would close completely.

Time to get creative. So I worked hard to get the webshop online and I designed 3 different gift vouchers, which will be available during the lockdown.



From today on, you can visit the Galerie Frits webshop. At this moment the webshop already contains all the A4 and 30x40cm prints. Some other items will be added as soon as possible.

You can already browse through the 89 items added.

At this point it is only possible for customers from the EU to order. If you are living in another country, I am looking into the possibility to send worldwide.

You can choose either shipping to your home, or picking your purchases up at the gallery. Of course, the latter will be when we are allowed to open again. Which will be announced both on this website and on social media as soon as I have news.

The option Gift Voucher only (by email), can, of course, only be used when you buy a gift voucher. It doesn't apply to any other item in the webshop, even thought you might see it in the list of possibilities.



There are 3 gift vouchers available. When you purchase them they will be send by email to the address you submitted. Once the crisis is over and Galerie Frits opens again, you are free to spend them at the gallery untill 31/12/2020.

The gift vouchers are not restricted to a person, but they have a unique code, which allows you to use them only once.

More information about the vouchers, you can find on the SUPPORT page on this website.


I know most of you have other things on their minds now. Organizing their lives, working from home, keeping the children occupied, trying not to annoy the pets who are used to their time alone during the day, and most of all, not getting ill.

But I also hope you don't forget about Galerie Frits and all those other small business that make Antwerp what it is, a unique and interesting city. I hope you will keep on supporting those businesses now, and keep them alive untill all this has passed.

Thank you very much.


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