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one can speak
poetry just by
arranging colors well

Vincent Van Gogh

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In the early 1600's the Turnip Inn was located behind the cathedral of Antwerp. Now, 400 years later, the quirky little building is still there, but turned into one of the most colorful artist shops in the city.

Frits is a gallery, an atelier, a vintage shop, all in one. Gert, a Belgian illustrator designed the cards and prints, and has a thing for second hand beauties. Color is important, without that, Frits would not exist.

You can discover artprints and cards that you can find nowhere else, and take a trip down memory lane looking at the carefully selected vintage collection. 

If you are looking for local, sustainable and different, this is the place
for you. Come and have a look, have a chat with the artist and enjoy
a shop that is even sunny on a rainy day.


Galerie Frits is a bit different than your typical chain, so we thought it would be helpful to explain the shop a bit more. A quick guide into the colorful world of Frits :



Gert is originally a photographer turned into illustrator, so it's not surprinsing that you also find artphotographs in the shop.


More than 250 postcards and greeting cards are available. A part of those are the famous 'tante Colette' cards.


gifts & gadgets

Some designs were also printed on gifts, like mugs, cushions, magnets, notebooks and coasters.


vintage goodies

A nostalgic collection that takes you back to the colorful days of your parents of grandparents.


in-house artist

And of course, most of the time, the artist is present in the shop. Feel free to meet, talk, ask, and connect ...