about frits

After living in France for 7 years, illustrator and vintage lover Gert returned to his birthplace Antwerp, in Belgium. He spent a year working on the idea of having his own shop in the centre of town. After having a succesful try-out in Berchem, where he was the co-founder of pop-up Gallery Charcuterie, he decided the time was right for the real deal. 
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The new place was founded on some basic but important principals:
- local design : Well it can't get any more local than this: Shop owner = illustrator ... it's all created in-house. When you buy a print, a gift or a card here, you know it is made in Antwerp, and you won't find these prints anywhere else.
- locally printed : The artwork and gifts are printed in Europe. Maybe it's not the cheapest solution but it does keep Frits' ecological footprint as low as possible.
- sustainability : Frits sells vintage, and although carefully selected, all of these items are second hand. With buying second hand vintage, you help the environment, and at the same time, you'll get something original, and different
While these 3 principales form the base of Frits' collection, there had to be a shop. Call it luck, or faith, but the cutest place in the touristic centre of Antwerp was available. A little shop behind the cathedral, in a building dating back to the early 1600's. The 'dirty' back wall is even older, it's the foundation for the 'new' cathedral which, was never build. This wall it around 500 years old.
In november 2019 Gert worked weekends and evenings to get it all freshened up and finished in time, all thanks to the help of friends and family. In December 'Galerie Frits' opened it's doors for the public.
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