Remember 2020? The year where the world stopped, was also the world where new things were created. One of them were the first Tante Colette cards. After the first lock-down I created the first 5 designs, you have to start somewhere...

During the next few months I created more cards for several occasions, and even a 2020 New Years series. It didn't stop there, every now and then a few new cards are added to the collection.

It is a joy to hear people read them out loud in front of the shop or to hear them laugh.  designs. By now, 30 cards are available, and 10 extra 2020 New Years cards (for those who are always too late, like myself). Tante Colette is my contribution to make the world a bit more colorful and joyful, even in darker times. 

Tante Colette goes big
Tante Colette has a surprise for you. It's nothing you can buy, but you might notice it in the next months if you walk through Antwerp. I can't say more, since it's all still a work in progress. But stay tuned to for more info soon!!

In the mean time, feel free to browse the card designs that are available, both on this webshop, and at Galerie Frits Antwerpen.

love & friendship